Monday, October 5, 2009

My Butt Bone Hurts!! Does Yours?

Moms-to-be and moms that once were "to-be"
Do any of you remember or are experiencing a pain in your butt when you walk? Not one that feel like someone pinching your butt cheek, that's a muscle thing. I am talking about a pain that is deep in your behind and feels like a bone is out of whack or something. It's an easily identifiable pain and it will increase when you bend or stretch in certain ways. It almost feels like you should be able to pop it back into place but as you try you realize that the direction in which you are trying to pop is one of the tender spots that cause the pain to increase.

I'm sure many of you know exactly what I am talking about and if that is the case I hope each of you was more successful at explaining to your Daddy Dears than I was. As a matter of fact he is the one who recommended that I write this particular post. He basically wants to know if any one else out there has gone through this. I know you have so don't be shy and more importantly let's not let him get away with thinking I am just going through some hormonal thing.

I explained that it's just my body's way of opening up and expanding so that our little bundle of joy has the needed space to grow into a big bundle of joy. That we have ball and socket joints in our body at that women's hips and pelvis bones are designed to open up and expand. To me that just sounds painful!

I also explained that I am an expectant mom over the age of 35 so there will be lots of squeaks and creeks coming from this body as it prepares itself for the miracle of birth (it's funny because with each child these little squeaks and creeks have grown in intensity). He being the loving supportive gentleman that he is understood, however still wants proof that I am not the only woman in the world who has experienced this. Why? Well it's a mix of sarcasm and concern! So ladies please chime in and let him know if your butt bone hurts also!!!!

My Name is MamaLuv42 and my Butt Bone hurt/s.
Feel free to cut and paste this with your name in a comment! Or if you had another nagging pain let me know what it is/was nothing is to big or small to mention!!!


  1. The answer to your question from your blog, Yes, it did hurt when I was pregnant. The baby is pushing everything aside. Your bones actually move/shift. During pregnancy the body secretes a hormone to make your bones softer. This helps the pelvic bones stretch for childbirth.

  2. I think just about everything hurt!

  3. Hi! First, congratulations on your new baby to be! I noticed you were following me on Twitter and thought I'd stop by.

    I know I had all kinds of aches and pains with mine. My Dr. mentioned to me Sciatica. You could always ask your Dr. about it if you're wondering.

    Typically the symptoms of sciatica in pregnancy include the following:

    Pins and needles in the lower back or leg, possibly the affected foot.
    Shooting or burning in the leg, buttock or lower back.
    Pain in the lower back or back of the pelvis that may extend into the foot.
    Numbness in the leg or feet.

    Probably not it but I thought I'd throw it out there. : )


  4. I don't remember that pain but I had a few others but tell the hubby that my sister had that pain and she thought she was going into labor...:-). we laughed at her but the doc said it was real and she was going through something but I can't remember what she said that it was.
    I was over 35 also when I had my daughter last year so I like this blog name.
    Also, stopping by from SITS and Twitter...

  5. For both of my pregnancies I suffered from something called Syphosis Pubis Disfunction. Basically it was pain in my pelvis (you can have pain in the front of the pelvis (aka crotch area) or in the back (aka lower back/butt area)). It was caused from an excess release of the hormone relaxatosin (I'm sure I'm spelling that incorrectly). It got worse the more I moved and it got worse the farther along I was in the pregnancy. Basically when you're not pregnant your pelvis is supposed to stay rigid and never move but when your body is getting ready for a baby that hormone is released to let your pelvis move a little bit. In the case of SPD too much hormone makes the pelvis move too much. I spent a lot of time at the physiotherapist for this. Some woman don't have it. Some have it and it hurts just a little. And some have it and it hurts a lot. Mine hurt a lot. That might be what you have. Or not. Who knows. Pregnancy is crazy!

  6. I have the same pain and it hurts a lot when I walk and when I lay down too. The pain is so intense that sometimes when I'm walking and I get stuck.

  7. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and am experiencing this hip and pelvic pain as well. I wabble more than I would because of it. It feels like something is dislocated. The relaxin is the culprit I believe. But my Mid wife told me to make sure I'm getting enough calcium and potasssium in my diet also.

  8. I have the same pain. Im a waitress and by working thats how I keep my insurance. Im nervous I wont be able to work soon. I just went to walk to the kitchen and actually got stuck midstride because it felt like my bones locked up (and it was painful). Im 26 weeks now. Does anyone know if tylenol works on this sort of pain?

  9. Yes i have this for thelast month or sooo. I swear my ass is gonna fall right off or break it feels liie theres somethin heavy its holding up i have the same with my vag bones to hurts even worse wen i lay down

  10. I'm only just about 10 weeks along. and i'm feeling this. It's not the bone its about 2 to 3 inches just to the left side of it just before the crack. I cant take long strides i'm walking like a grandma. I have to be careful how I step because any weird movement it kills. I didn't really want to freeze up more or less just collaps to get off that leg. It hurts to just sit, at work in my car. I hope this isn't the issue this pregnancy already hasn't started off easy. I hope its just a pulled muscle and will go away.

  11. Alrighty, this is the 10 week girl. I found out it is called pelvic gertal pain or PGP. Can occur as early as the first trimester, lucky me! And pretty much its when your body is growing to allow for the baby to pass through. The pain typically occurs when one side widens faster than the other can hurt when sitting, walking/moving, laying down, rolling over and getting up from those positions. You can do pelvic exercises and do physical therapy for it. It can last past giving birth to the baby. If the pain is more toward the front let your doctor it could be something more serious. Enjoy ladies!

  12. Yes!! I am having this bone popping feeling at the top of my thigh in the buttocks area. Only when I get up from sitting down a long time of if I turn or bend too quickly the wrong way. I am 3 months pregnant and I am worried if this is going to get any worse?!